Get your license

  1. Download and install the SPD-SX-Editor on your Computer.
  2. Open the application. Your Computer-ID is displayed.
  3. Buy an SPD-SX-Editor license and enter your Computer-ID.
  4. You will receive the license key by email. Copy the license key, which you have received by email, into the application and press activate.

SPD-SX-Editor License

If you buy this product, you will apply for a license key to use all function of the SPD-SX-Editor software.
After payment, you will receive your license key by email.

Your in the installed application showed Computer-ID is required to get the a license key.

Please be aware that this is not a drumcomputer software, nor a plugin, and as such, shouldn't be of any use to those not owning a Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad.